7 eComomerce blockers to avoid for cyber five success

It’s never too early to prepare your retail customer experience for holiday shoppers.

Last holiday, e-commerce sales broke records on Black Friday. And this year, we can expect more growth, as US retail sales alone are forecasted to grow as much as 8% overall and 23% online in 2021.

Before the code freeze hits ❄️ get ahead with real-time insights from Quantum Metric to prevent seven top ecommerce setbacks, including:

  • Cart abandonment
  • Payment friction
  • Broken tracking
  • Fulfillment issues, and more

Read the playbook now, and get ready to sleigh it ? this holiday season!

“One of the biggest areas we’ve seen success with Quantum Metric is in our checkout funnel… we identified several issues where either the guest had issues inputting data, or the way the checkout was validating data was returning errors back to the guest… It’s been a multi tens of millions dollar impact for us.”

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