Presented at Quantum LEAP, Feb 6-8, 2023

CPD Signal Awards.

Honoring unstoppable customer obsession through Continuous Product Design (CPD). Submissions are now closed.

About the awards.

The CPD Signal Awards are dedicated to recognizing Quantum Metric customers for their outstanding achievements using Continuous Product Design, a methodology for aligning teams around the customer. Whether you’re analysts, marketers, researchers, product managers, or anything else, you’re all leaders in our book. 

With four categories to choose between, submit your entry for a CPD Signal Award today!
Finalists and winners will be recognized at LEAP, through Quantum Metric channels, and in our community.

CPD Signal Awards.

Customer Experience Leader

Recognizes customers who leverage CPD to orchestrate and optimize their customer’s experience. Whether analyzing data to solve friction points, optimizing each stage of their customer’s journey, or improving product design; with their focus on customer-centric prioritization, they not only put the needs of their customer first, they do so while still achieving their goals.

Quantified Empathy Leader

Recognizes customers who leverage the principles of CPD to contextualize customer feedback to create a customer-centric culture. Whether the feedback comes through customer support agents, live chat, feature feedback and ideation, or UX research, this individual or team leverages quantified empathy to not only help their colleagues hear the feedback, but act on it.

Proactive Discovery Leader

Recognizes customers who don’t wait to hear about customer friction before working to prioritize solutions. Their approach means they leverage the CPD methodology to proactively discover opportunities, whether throughout a product release, page update, or business as usual. This agility means that the customer benefits from an improved page performance and even fewer bugs and issues when new updates are released.

CPD Leader

Recognizes customers who not only practice the principles of CPD themselves, they also encourage their team members and colleagues to embrace its principles as they share their thoughts, expertise and insights they glean.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why nominate yourself or your team for a CPD Signal Award?
  • Celebrate and be recognized for your digital successes. 
  • Winners receive one complimentary pass to Quantum LEAP in Austin, Texas, Feb 6-8, 2023 to receive your CPD Signal Award live and on stage in front of your peers.
  • Win Quantum Metric swag and a unique CPD Signal Awards trophy to display at your office.
  • One of the biggest recommendations to avoid burnout is to be sure to recognize how much you’ve accomplished, so take a few minutes and reflect on the highlights and your success over the past year focusing on your customers.
  • Looking to help your organization understand just how much value you bring to work every day? Say hello to more credibility and interaction as a CPD Signal Award winner. 
  • You’re on the ground, daily changing the world of customer focus and experience. Tell us what good looks like and set the standard for everyone to measure themselves against.
  • Sure, you might be shy, but good work deserves recognition. Win and your peers, your company, and the industry will celebrate your accomplishments.
  • We all love working with people we like. Reward your fellow colleagues by sharing their story and helping them get the recognition they’ve earned. 
  • Those happy feelings that come from just taking a moment to recognize how far you’ve come can really energize your team, department, and company, so take a minute to review your accomplishments—and then send them over to us. 
  • Winning teams have winning team members. Attract a higher-caliber of talent to work with your team when you can say you’re an award-winning organization. 
  • Promote your brand as a leader in customer-focused experience by sharing how you innovate and move forward. 
  • These are global awards—get your company extra recognition among the top companies in the world.

Submit Entry

Do I have to be present to accept an award? What if I can’t travel?

If you win an award, we certainly hope you can accept it in person at LEAP 2023. However, we understand travel is tricky these days, so we’ll reach out and see what we can work out on a case-by-case basis.

What if my company has PR restrictions on being publicly recognized in this way?

Celebrating your success without your great name might be a challenge. But we will certainly ensure any and all information shared about you or your team is within the guidelines of your terms of service with Quantum Metric.

Is there a deadline?

Yes, the deadline for nominations is midnight PT on December 2, 2022.

Who can submit for an award?

You can submit yourself, or on behalf of your peers, or anyone who meets the category criteria and is a current Quantum Metric customer.

What happens after I submit an entry?

All complete applications submitted by the deadline will be reviewed by the Quantum Metric CPD Signal Awards judging team.

Applications will be evaluated based on the overall quality of responses, with a focus on great customer experiences accompanied with proof points of measurable impact.

Finalist decisions will be communicated via email to all applicants and on the Quantum Metric blog. Winners will be announced live at LEAP 2023.