Capture HTTP(S) and client interactions

By capturing in-depth customer experience data, including all HTML displayed in the browser and client-side interactions, Quantum Metric provides a full-spectrum view of how your customers experience your digital presence. Every user session is analyzed, ensuring every opportunity is pursued and evaluated.

Transform your network traffic into content-rich information for your organization.

Javascript client-side interaction capture

HTML content changes, mouse movements, clicks, scrolls, data entry and form completion, load times, errors, and other events are captured using an easy to deploy javascript resource. Data is sent to either the Quantum Metric SaaS cloud hosted in a secure Google Compute environment, or your enterprise servers, in small, asynchronous highly compressed packets.

Data transmission is optimized, compressed, and encrypted to ensure zero-perceptible performance impact to client browsers, while maintaining data privacy and security.

Enterprise software

Quantum Metric is an advanced analytics platform, giving you everything you'd expect from an enterprise software solution. We like to think even more then you expect.

Dashboards, KPIs, and alerts

Interactive dashboards that inform your team at a glance, complete with customer experience views, KPIs, and sales history and projections so that you can be confident your online presence is working efficiently.

Call center integration

Quickly understand a customer's struggle by replaying a customer's session or shadow-viewing a customer's live interaction with your digital presence. Quantum Metric can reduce call-time and empower world-class customer service support.

API integration

Quantum Metric's 3rd party integration API allows other products to further correlate and display information captured with Quantum Metric.

Enterprise deployment

Built with docker for easy deployment

Enterprise deployment provides on-premise services via easy-to-deploy Docker containers, termed "QM Cells".

QM Cells are completely self-contained, able to grow to meet any customer needs. Services such as capture, storage, search, and statistical analysis can be distributed across QM Cells, allowing Quantum Metric to meet even the most challenging customer needs, while also providing for typical failover and backup processes.

Quantum Metric implements a patent-pending algorithm to shrink network captures by up to 99%, greatly reducing storage needs and search times.

Learn more about Quantum Metric's data security.

SaaS deployment

Up and running in two minutes

Quantum Metric SaaS simplifies Customer Experience Management deployment, allowing you to focus more on your business and its results. Desktop and mobile web SaaS consists of simple inclusion of a javascript snippet generated for your account. In just a few minutes, Quantum Metric can provide incredible insight into your digital presence.

Modern browsers and devices

Supports modern web design and mobile OS

We make it simple to capture and review, whether your digital presence is on PCs, tablets, or mobile devices. Quantum Metric works out of the box with all modern dynamic content sites, including AJAX, JQuery, HTTP/2, HTTPS, SPDY, HTML5, and more.

Committed to optimal performance

We take great care to ensure Quantum Metric's data capture is seamless and imperceptible, keeping client CPU performance, memory footprint, and network usage at the center of our focus. Through profiling our clientside javascript, we consistently appear as one of the smallest JavaScript resource consumers.

Simple configuration, automatic analysis. It just works.