Powerful analytics, painless implementation

Tired of challenging configuration? Wish it could just be easy? That's why we built Quantum Metric.

Tagless learning with capable API

During deployment, Quantum Metric maps out process funnels, such as registration and shopping cart pages. It can assign total purchase and conversion value based on your products and services to be able to put financial contexts around specific segments and users.

When a user signs in, Quantum Metric maps their login information to their current and future session. As users register, Quantum Metric will also map first and last name to their sessions.

Setup is simple. No code required!

Big data insights

Big Data can be overwhelming without the necessary analysis tools. Quantum Metric uses machine intelligence to help identify customer struggle patterns, without the need for tagging, coding, or deep analysis. Out of box, Quantum Metric will look for trends, poor performing web responses, errors, and more to help you ensure great customer experiences.

Correlation engine

Quantum Metric can help identify patterns within your user segments. Find out how to increase purchase conversions and increase user engagement.

Tagless analysis

You can't analzye data you don't capture. But most analytics require tiresome tagging of every event in your code.

Quantum Metric captures all events automatically, so you can easily analyze how users experience your site.

Simple configuration, automatic analysis. It just works.