Food for Thought: Santa Monica

A private event for digital experience leaders

Mar 24 4:00 PM PT

What Does it Mean to Be Customer-Centric in Today’s Market?

In today’s digital-first world, businesses no longer struggle with a lack of available data on the customer experience. But, with this newfound opportunity often comes complexity, chaos, and confusion, as organizations still struggle to be proactive and evolve their understanding of their customer’s needs. So what is the solution? 

On March 24th at 1212 Santa Monica, join Quantum Metric’s Kristina Leach, Director of Industry Marketing for FSI, and Tim Bruns, Solutions Engineer, as they reflect on challenges digital leaders face today + discuss how enterprises can build a single view of customer-centric truth through a product demo. Kristina has spent the last 20 years working in finance for companies like Bain & Co, Fidelity Investments and MassMutual. During her presentation, she will lead an interactive discussion where the following will be explored:

  • Common pain points digital teams face today in optimizing digital experiences
  • The gaps brands face in understanding customer needs today
  • The three habits of CPD that help remove data barriers and organizational silos

Never been to a Food for Thought? Here’s how it works — Join us at 4:00 pm for drinks and place a ‘to-go’ order for you and a friend. While your delicious dinner for two is being prepared, spend a few minutes networking with other industry professionals and hear how brands are using Quantum Metric today to meet customer needs and iterate with confidence. After the presentation and discussion, dash home with your hot dinner for two!

4:00 PM: Registration and dinner order at 1212 Santa Monica
4:30 PM: “Achieving Digital Customer Centricity” presentation
5:30 PM: Bring home two hot & fresh meals!
5:30 – 6:00 PM: Optional continued networking

This event is invitation-only and non-transferable, so please RSVP in advance. If you have colleagues interested in attending, just let us know.