Building better native apps isn’t getting easier.

Digital audiences are rapidly expanding, technology is evolving and the world is becoming mobile first. In this new world, do you have the visibility you need to exceed customer expectations?

How do you win on mobile?

You need a 360 view of your customers. To get that, you need more than just direct feedback (vocal minority) from app reviews; you also need inferred feedback (silent majority) from rage taps, slow APIs, app crashes, user frustration, and more. Get the full picture with Quantum Metric.

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Why does the Fortune 500 trust Quantum Metric on mobile?

Simply put, it just works

Capture, visualize, and alert on behavioral, performance, and business level data, out of the box. Once the SDK is deployed, no code level configuration is required, even for custom events.

Aggregate behavioral analytics

Your customers are always giving you feedback, but without behavioral analytics, you may never hear them. Use dashboards and alerts to gain a real-time understanding of your customers.

Security and performance

Patented capture technology translates native app views into HTML components, which reduces memory and CPU consumption. This methodology also ensures PII or PCI never leaves the device unencrypted.

The true customer POV

High fidelity session replay puts you in your customers’ shoes and gives you the technical details underlying their experience. Easily identify points of struggle, technical errors, and more.

A top 5 insurance company was able to deploy the SDK, capture replays and begin collecting analytics within minutes.

“I’ve been trying to get this level of visibility for 18 months.”

-director of mobile engineering

Want to take action, but don’t want to be bombarded by sales pitches claiming similar stories?

Join us for a one hour custom demo with a solutions engineer and we will show you why the fortune 500 trusts Quantum Metric on their native applications. We may even bring a session replay of your mobile application.

In the custom demo, we will cover:

  • The basics of secure and performant native session replay in the enterprise
  • How mobile leaders automatically identify design issues, technical errors and revenue blockers
  • Review common native focused dashboards and alerts used by industry leaders
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