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May 28, 2020

Connect Site Speed with Business Impact in Real-Time — New Quantum Metric Feature Helps Prioritize the Improvement Backlog

Post by: Zoe McCook

Enterprises can now measure the impact of performance on end-users and the business itself

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado, May 28, 2020 — Quantum Metric, a SaaS platform that helps organizations build better digital products faster, today announced Page Performance, enabling technical and business teams to discover and quantify performance improvement opportunities within digital products. Businesses will now have complete visibility into how performance affects the front-end experience as well as overall impact to the business.

Teams are often aware of existing performance related issues, but less often agree on what to address first. With digital applications driving key business outcomes, cross-functional teams need to be able to align on which improvement opportunities to prioritize. Quantum Metric Page Performance allows teams to coordinate optimization plans based on a quantified single version of truth.

“When business teams ask technology teams to make websites faster, they are often greeted with, ‘We did that last week.’ Instead, with Quantum Metric Page Performance, all teams can align on the financial impact of website performance, and define a threshold for success. Our customers can finally ask more direct questions like, ‘Which page can we improve to make the largest financial impact?’ and ‘What can we change to make this page faster?’,” said Mario Ciabarra, Founder & CEO of Quantum Metric. “Quantum Metric Page Performance paints a picture of how performance impacts the customer in a clear, quantified view. Giving teams the confidence to tackle key opportunities that help them build better products and deliver business results.”

Quantum Metric Page Performance allows quick and easy pivots that directly impact the customer, resulting from the following capabilities:

  • Analyze resources (CSS, images, fonts, etc) that are affecting conversion and user experience. 
  • Benchmark critical DOM events (time to first paint, DOM interactive) in order to optimize the product on every platform. 
  • Automatically surface and quantify the biggest performance opportunities on MPAs and SPAs. 

“We decided to invest some efforts into strengthening our existing performance capabilities, because we know how much it affects our customers’ user experience, conversion, and revenue,” said Adam Dille, VP of Engineering at Quantum Metric. “Performance has been built into the platform since the very beginning, giving our customers high-level visibility into the effects of performance on their sites. But with Page Performance, our customers are better enabled to spend their precious time more wisely, discovering the individual page opportunities that will have the biggest impact on their business.”

Quantum Metric Page Performance is available today as part of the Quantum Metric platform.

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Quantum Metric helps organizations build better digital products faster. Our platform for Continuous Product Design gives business and technical teams a single version of truth that’s automatically quantified and based on what matters most — your customer’s perspective. The result: Teams are aligned, learn faster, and release with confidence. In 2019 Quantum Metric earned recognition for its revenue growth and product innovation from Deloitte (Top 100 fastest growing companies), CNBC (Upstart 100 most innovative companies), Gartner (Cool Vendor) and Ernst & Young (Entrepreneur of the Year).