Partner Type Technology Partner
Partner Category Customer Experience

TopBox integration with Quantum Metric

Quantum Metric and Topbox work together to help you understand the cause, context, and scope of digital issues highlighted in customer feedback. Our partnership gives you the ability to aggregate customer feedback sources, identify any issues, see exactly what the user saw and then trend it out to determine if the issue affected just one person or potentially thousands. Leverage the two solutions to prioritize customer friction points, understand impact on sentiment, and identify underlying root cause.

Use Cases

Connect your online/offline channels

Analyze voice and text channels to surface repeated customer issues with your digital products

Visualize the context and quantify the impact

Directly link to session replays to see what the user saw and identify underlying root cause. Immediately calculate the impact on your total customer base, not just the ones who chose to engage a service channel.

Measure increased sentiment

Track reduced support time and changes in customer sentiment after improving experiences.

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