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Product teams aren’t just keepers of the backlog. They’re strategic leaders with the power to transform businesses. Be your customer’s champion and build better digital products faster.

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Without prioritization, you're reactive

The modern product leader can easily lose control of their backlog and vision. From executive emails, customer feedback, and legacy analytics tools; the amount of noise is formidable. Enterprise product teams leverage Quantum Metric to prioritize their backlog and ship data-driven, customer-centric enhancements.

Product discovery simplified

Discover how users engage with your products by leveraging Quantum Metric’s rich behavioral, technical, and business data set. Automated detection points you to the right data, whether that’s session replay, interaction maps, or dashboards. Multiple views of the customer’s experience are at your fingertips. 

Quantum Metric is a goldmine for defining opportunities, whether big or small, and helping us validate and replicate issues to quickly address fixes in the next product iteration.

-Sr. Director Online & Omnichannel | Seera Group

Quantify your next move

A backlog is a balance of bugs, requests, and innovative features. Quantum Metric quantifies every aspect of the user experience and backs it with visual evidence in the form of session replay. This combo allows you and the engineering team to spend less time chasing down bugs and more time building past your competition.

With Quantum Metric, I can say here’s the scope of problems, here are the ones that are happening most frequently, and here is the value of those. I can now sort in an economically rational way.

-Chief Product Officer | Aspiration Bank

How do product leaders use Quantum Metric?

Track Your Top Pages

With Quantum Metric Pages, identify page-level conversions, isolate drivers and detractors, and benchmark behaviors by page or page group.

Real-Time Struggle Quantification

With Opportunity Analysis, automate the discovery of potential revenue blockers and prioritize errors/struggle by business impact.

Empower A/B Testing

Quantify user engagement at the element level with interaction heatmaps, content quantification and side by side analysis.

How the platform works

Product teams use Quantum Metric to answer these business questions:

  • Why are customers falling out of the checkout funnel on the payment page? 
  • What parts of my product detail pages are increasing average order value? What about detracting?

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Financial Services
  • Are my users able to self-service opening a new account on the native application? 
  • Why is self-service completion for money transfer dropping on our web application? 

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  • How many other customers were impacted by the bill pay issue described in this survey response?
  • What friction points are leading to increased call center volume? What is it costing us?

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