Finnair Makes Data-Based Decisions with Quantum Metric


Finnair is a network airline specializing in passenger and cargo traffic between Asia and Europe.

Cross Organization Use

Customer Care/Support, eCommerce, Digital Platform, IT

Instant Decisions

“Quantum Metric has helped me reduce tasks from usually taking hours to now only minutes of my time”

Not Just 'What', But 'Why'

Finnair’s eCommerce Growth Optimization team relies on sources such as Google Analytics for data and quantitative information, but the team found it lacking supportive details for their A/B testing successes and failures. “We could see that users were dropping at different stages of the funnel, but we did not know why or what was happening to cause the drop-off,” said Gopichand Gopini, Business Analyst, eCommerce at Finnair. “That is where we bring in Quantum Metric to give us more of a full picture and better understanding to the ‘why.’”

Updates with Confidence

The team also uses Quantum Metric to support iterating on page optimization. “My favorite part of Quantum Metric is being able to measure, visualize, and understand how clients engage with different elements of the site,” said Gopichand. “We were running an A/B test on our destinations page to understand the correlation between engagement with a map versus a list and the ticket booking process. The results heavily favored the list but the business suspected that the map was still useful to a subset of users but had no data to support the hypothesis.”

“Using Quantum Metric’s Interactions feature, we saw that while map users were delaying their move to the next stage of the funnel, they also were spending a significant amount of time engaging with the map. With the relevant data to share with the business, we decided to move the map’s position lower on the page and place the list on top. Now users who want to quickly make a decision can utilize the list immediately and those that need more time to consider can just scroll down to interact with the map.”