The agile retailer: Creating a culture of customer obsession and continuous product design

The pandemic accelerated Amazon’s business, fulfilling the need for a fast and easy ecommerce experience. In a post-COVID world, retailers have two options, find ways to compete or be left in the dark. The only way to out-innovate Amazon is to be like Amazon. The retail giant has shown that the customer is king and if others want to compete, they need to be equally obsessed with theirs. How do leaders embed customer obsession throughout the business?

Crate & Barrel’s Aaron Veit and Belk’s Matt Hudson will share challenges, learnings, and successes they’ve faced as they look to deliver continuous customer obsession and delight. Join us to discuss:

  • How to build customer-centricity in company culture
  • When to listen to customer needs (and when not to)
  • Establishing opportunities for innovation through continuous product design