Retail and eCommerce Teams are Choosing Quantum Metric

Why digital Retail teams use Quantum Metric

Real-Time Identification

Rapidly identify and prioritize customer friction in your acquisition and upsell funnels

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Automatic Detection

Automatically detect customer struggle with algorithms that capture behavioral and technical friction.

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Configurable Security

Ensure customer privacy with end to end encryption and better data capture

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Are you keeping up with the mobile first world?

Via a lightweight SDK deployment, Quantum Metric will start capturing an expanse of data out of the box. More than just app crashes — capture behavioral indicators, conversion data, API performance.

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You don't have time to sift through endless replays

Quantum Metric uses automated funnel analysis and anomaly detection to alert on issues and insights. Quantum Metric then provides contextual segment analysis, visualizations, and session replay to give you the entire view.

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lululemon constantly improves digital experience with Quantum Metric

This socially responsible digital bank uses Quantum Metric to identify friction points—whether it’s in an application, deposit money, or pay bill funnel—and quantify how many customers are having the same problem. With this insight, Aspiration Bank’s product team can “sort and attack those in an economically rational way.”

Why did your peers choose Quantum Metric?

“The analytics and breadth of the platform are unmatched by any other service we’ve used. If you want to know how people are interacting with your website – and what works and what doesn’t – Quantum Metric is the platform of choice.”

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“Quantum Metric is the tool of the tools. It is really helpful for reviewing customer actions, system responses, and other logged information. A lot of different analytics options. Quantum Metric has made life way easier for my self, my colleagues, and other teams.”

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“QM helps us understand customer behavior, identify struggles, and determine where we can make improvements. We’ve been able to find critical drop-offs in conversion rates for various parts of the site and prioritize bug fixes and updates.”

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