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12 days of custom insights to get David’s Bridal primed for holiday 2020

Quantum Metric would like to gift David’s Bridal 12-day access to our platform as well as a bespoke customer ‘Holiday Readiness’ report in which we surface what is and isn’t working on key parts of your application (checkout funnel, cart pages, product detail pages, etc.):

David’s Bridal’s Holiday Readiness Report will include insights like:

Surface User Struggle and Frustration

Pick a product detail page for us to dive into and provide content recommendations.

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Top conversion blockers

Pick a main funnel and we can identify and quantify your most impactful conversion blockers.

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Promo code insights

Which promo codes are your customers using? Are they failing? We can tell you.

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Where are your customers struggling?

Are your customers struggling anywhere in your check out flow? We can inform you.

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Protect Against Website Frostbite

With shorter attention spans and focused searching, shoppers are even less patient this year and will not stand for getting stuck or hitting a total dead end. Did you know about this search roadblock, how many users are facing it, and what it’s costing you? Find out more details in our insight report.

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July 28th & 29th

CommerceNext Virtual Summit. Quantum Metric will be leading a session to hear the lessons learned from Fortune 500 retailers as they fast tracked their roll out of BOPIS, ROPIS, and curbside.

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August 11th

“Differentiating Digital Retail Experiences” with JCPenney, Medallia and Adobe

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August 13

Quantum Metric Summer Holiday Party! Join sommelier Ashley Hausman for a virtual wine tasting. We’ll ship the bottles to your home and have a ball together from the comfort of our own homes! Schedule a 15 minute demo to unlock your invitation.

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Canadian Tire Case Study


How retailers are optimizing their tech stack to enhance digital CX


Holiday 2020 Digital Surge Prep List


"Quantum Metric provides us with unique insights to bring the best digital experiences to our guests. The platform has helped us be more agile and deliver new product features, and has had considerable cross-team adoption."

Danny Ryder | SVP eCommerce, lululemon

"Quantum Metric has more of a direct impact on revenue than anything else we do"

Ishan Parikh | AVP Digital Strategy & Analytics, Canadian Tire

"Wow what a cyber week! Quantum Metric was the star of the show - we used it to drive immediate decisions impacting reduction in customer friction during the cyber rush"

Fortune 500 | Retailer

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