A product manager at a top five telecom company used Quantum Metric’s Page Analytics to surface an experimentation hypothesis

This PM is always monitoring key pages in the phone buying funnel. The PM used the Page Analytics feature to surface a valuable micro-conversion. The filter bar (used to select particular phone brands etc) was placed at the top of the page, and in replays, the PM noticed that users frequently scrolled past it. However, if a customer used the filter bar option to sort results, they would enter the buying funnel at a 19% higher rate. The PM created an experiment in Adobe Target in which 50% of users would see a “sticky” filter bar meaning the bar would be constantly present on the bottom of their view on mobile devices.

Quantum Metric’s powerful page analytics capabilities allows product managers to make data-driven experimentation decisions, helping to improve the experiment success rate, and overall experimentation efficiency.


Watch a 2-minute demo video of this use case:

Use Case Experimentation
Team Product
Industry Telecom

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