Airline identifies UX friction on CSA boarding mobile app within minutes vs. hours

A US airline’s mobile team uses Quantum Metric on their employee Boarding Agent app, which is used by customer service agents (CSAs) to check in and board 50M guests a year.


The mobile team often gets tickets from their CSAs but it can be really hard to troubleshoot. With Quantum Metric, the team can see a playback of sessions to understand what the CSA experienced, along with all the related analytics including user interactions, API calls, errors, etc.

As an example, a product development manager received a ticket from a CSA. In watching the playback captured by Quantum Metric, the manager could see it was caused by an error code status 401. A red error message was displayed to signify that the boarding attempt was unsuccessful, but the CSA didn’t see the message, continued to try to board more guests, and became more and more frustrated.

In this case, it turned out it was neither a technical or user error. The error message was not clearly displayed to the CSA. It was really a UX/design issue.

Before Quantum Metric, it would have taken hours of multiple people’s time to research the issue via logs or by going back to the CSA to gather more information. With Quantum Metric, that workflow was reduced to minutes.

“We get trouble tickets from CSAs but they often lack critical data. With Quantum Metric, we see what the CSA saw, along with the analytics on API calls, errors and how the CSA interacts with the app. We can resolve issues within minutes now!” — Product Development Manager

Use Case Internal employee apps, Reduce MTTI/MTTR, UX improvement
Team Customer Service, IT ops, Mobile, Product
Industry Travel and hospitality

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