Decrypting secure data to support customers

A financial services company received numerous customer complaints on its acquisition flow, specifically on the phone verification step.


By taking advantage of Quantum Metric’s field-level private/public key encryption, customer service reps could decrypt sessions and, in a secure manner, see exactly what the customer experienced in their session to get to resolution faster.

In this case, it turned out that when a customer incorrectly entered their phone number, there was no way to correct it without refreshing the page — leading to confusion and calls to customer service.

Because Quantum Metric was set up to capture the phone number field — but with secure encryption that could be decrypted with a private key — it was easy for customer service reps to identify the issue and lead customers to resolution.


Watch a 1-minute demo video of this use case:

Use Case Call center reduction, Security
Team Customer Service
Industry Financial services

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