Detect conversion-blocking issues on native app

The mobile app team at a top-five national insurer searched for 18 months to find a partner who could give them better visibility into native apps. With Quantum Metric, the team suddenly gained new insight into conversion blockers and user frustration.


Quantum Metric’s automated capture for API 500 and API Forbidden errors identified a spike in errors. After watching a few replays, the team could see that users experienced an API fail after trying to “Activate myCarFax.” Quantum’s Error Details page quantified the API error — it impacted 1,000 customers per week or 40% of total users attempting to activate!

In another example, Quantum Metric surfaced a friction point that resulted in 1,500 more phone calls in 30 days. A new release created a frustrating log in experience for customers with a canceled policy. It turned out that 2,000 customers per month were impacted, and the issue spanned an iOS native app, Android native app, and web-based sales funnel. In this case, Quantum Metric identified an issue that was by design, not a technical error.


Watch a 2-minute demo video of this use case:

Use Case Call center reduction, Conversion optimization, Real-time monitoring, Reduce MTTI/MTTR
Team Analytics, Mobile, Product
Industry Financial services

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