Identify API anomaly that caused a site-wide crash

Immediately following a release, customers for a money transfer company experienced a widespread Service Not Available error right in the middle of their transactions.


The Site Health Ops team at a money transfer company saw conversion drop to near zero but didn’t know why. When the team reviewed affected sessions in Quantum Metric, they identified that the average response size of a critical API was inflated by 1,000% of its typical, pre-release size.

Upon realizing the issue, they were able to quickly push an emergency bug fix, returning to normal operation within minutes of the issue’s identification.

Of its entire tech stack — marketing analytics, log monitoring, and others — only Quantum Metric was capable of identifying this anomaly. While other tools monitor API health, only Quantum Metric gave the team visibility into the size of API content, which caused the slow response.


Watch a 2-minute demo video of this use case:

Use Case Conversion optimization, Reduce MTTI/MTTR
Team IT ops
Industry Financial services

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