Identify the a/b variant with higher click-through rate

The UX team at a global shoe retailer uncovered a significant redesign opportunity after finding that customers were 93.8% less likely to click on one page element over another.


A global shoe retailer’s Shoe Finder module helps customers find their perfect shoe. After a customer inputs their running preferences, they land on the Shoe Finder results page, which has two “results grids” that feature recommended selections.

One is a static image at the top right, taking up large real estate, and the other is a smaller grid to the left, where the user is able to make edits to their selection.

Quantum Metric Interactions showed the UX team a visual side-by-side comparison of engagement and conversion data. The opportunity was clear: The Shoe Finder module needed to be overhauled to remove the much lower-converting results grid on the left.


Watch a 2-minute demo video of this use case:


Use Case UX improvement
Team E-commerce, UX
Industry Retail

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