Major government agency quickly course corrects after redesign, leading to a 21% increase in funnel entrances

After a redesign, the UX team at a federal government agency analyzed real-time journey data using a Quantum Metric dashboard. The team found that the redesign had resulted in far fewer users entering its “fill out application” funnel, its most important call to action. The team used Quantum Metric’s interaction heatmaps to look at engagement at a page-element level across multiple devices.

With interaction heatmaps, the team saw on mobile that the “fill out application” button was below the visual fold on many devices, resulting in 55% of users never seeing it. The team also confirmed that more users clicked buttons above the “fill out application” CTA, leading to less overall conversions and application completions. 

Armed with this information, the team was able to quickly deploy a fix on mobile. This deployment improved the funnel entrance rate by 21%, beating their initial goals with the redesign. Quantum Metric’s real-time view into the customer experience allowed this team to quickly course correct and exceed their goals.

Watch a 2-minute demo video of this use case:

Use Case UX improvement
Team UX
Industry Government

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