Major retailer uses Quantum Metric alerts to monitor broken paths during replatforming initiative

When you think about the sheer amount of pages and flows that a major retailer has to account for at any given time, it can be daunting. Add a replatforming initiative into the mix and it can keep eCommerce professionals up at night. 

Many Quantum Metric customers use the Experience Alerts feature to actively monitor the user experience. In this case, the team at this major retailer was alerted to customers experiencing 404 pages at an anomalous rate after a recent production launch of a new commerce platform. With a quick click into segment analysis and the associated replays, 2 main issues were easy to identify. “Track Your Order” and “Continue to check out” buttons were leading to 404 pages for users with particularly long sessions. This experience led to frustration and conversion dropoff (usually for customers who had been shopping for a while and had full carts).

The team was able to quickly resolve these issues thanks to the proactive monitoring supplied by Experience Alerts. 

Use Case Real-time monitoring
Team IT ops
Industry Retail

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