Major sporting goods retailer is alerted to $7 million annual opportunity immediately after production launch of a new commerce platform

Replatforming isn’t easy and there will always be problems. To minimize the impact of these problems, teams use Quantum Metric for real-time alerting, prioritization, and issue remediation. This retailer had a dashboard specifically to monitor checkout funnel behavior during this replatforming effort. After a release, they noticed that users were repeatedly tapping on the email address input in the checkout flow. Quantum Metric measures and indexes this behavior and calls it a “rage click”. They created a segment of users who were exhibiting this behavior and noticed a significant conversion rate drop.

After a few page-level replays, the problem was clear to see. Return customers would try to login in order to expedite their checkout process. After trying to log in, a message would appear notating that the “email address is missing”. After this message, the field became unresponsive leading to “rage click” it.

Armed with the technical details of session replay, the engineering team was able to identify the issue and resolve it within 15 hours. Without behavioral indicators, this issue could have gone on for days or weeks without resolution. With Quantum Metric, it took mere hours.

Watch the 2-minute use case video:

Use Case Real-time monitoring
Team E-commerce
Industry Retail

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