Make the business case for critical fixes on the checkout page

After an IT security update, a global shoe retailer used Quantum Metric to identify an error that cost the business $4,500 a day or 4.5% of daily online sales.


The e-commerce team found a critical bug that impacted Google Chrome users on the checkout page. The team wanted an escalation but needed to make a strong business case for a fast-track fix.

With Quantum Metric, the team could easily drill into this underperforming segment and quantify the impact on sales. With this quantified impact in hand, the issue was bumped to the top of the IT backlog and fixed immediately.

“Chrome contributes a large percentage of our total sales, so being able to instantly view the consumer experience by implementing Quantum Metric was eye opening,” said its Head of Digital Commerce, North America.


Watch a 2-minute demo video of this use case:

Use Case Conversion optimization, Prioritization, Reduce MTTI/MTTR
Team Analytics, E-commerce, Product
Industry Retail

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