Mobile product manager drastically reduces his escalation workflow

A mobile product manager at a national grocery chain reduced the time spent on escalations from days to minutes.

Previous to Quantum Metric, this mobile product manager would frequently field escalations. With the recent pandemic, mobile usage has skyrocketed and so have the escalations. Typically, escalations are categorized as important customer issues, scathing verbatims from VoC, or executive inquiries. He would get about three or four a week. In the past, it would take this product manager dozens of emails, multiple tools, and days of time to identify and quantify the exact issue responsible for the negative experience. All in all, it would typically take about 8 hours to handle an escalation, leaving the product manager minimal time to actually do his job. 

Quantum Metric’s vast data set coupled with session replay allows this product manager to

  • Identify the user having the issue and reproduce their experience
  • Understand the root cause of the issue
  • Understand the impact of the issue in question
  • Prioritize next steps with the development team

Watch a 2-minute demo video of this use case:

Use Case Reduce MTTI/MTTR
Team Mobile, Product
Industry Grocery

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