Optimize True Fit to reduce frustration and returns

A U.S. retailer uses Quantum Metric to reduce returns and increase customer satisfaction by steering customers to use True Fit, which helps customers select their correct size.


Quantum Metric helps this retailer detect when customers add multiple sizes of the same item to their cart. When this happens, the retailer triggers a modal window that prompts the customer to try the True Fit feature, since many customers don’t notice or engage with it on their own.

In addition, the retailer optimizes offers with an a/b testing integration. For example, one offer provides a 10% discount to use True Fit and order one size. Another adds a future discount if the customer is not happy with the fit.

For this retailer, True Fit increases conversion and customer satisfaction while reducing purchases of multiple sizes and returns. It’s a win-win to promote its True Fit partnership.


Watch a 2-minute demo video of this use case:

Use Case Conversion optimization, Personalization
Team E-commerce, Product
Industry Retail

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