Proactively detect and prevent e-commerce fraud

A fraud team uses Quantum Metric to automatically detect suspicious user behavior, such as repeated cut and paste behavior of credit card numbers.

The fraud team at a US-based airline uses Quantum Metric to automatically detect suspicious user behavior and prevent future fraudulent activity. Its fraud team does this in at least a couple ways:

Quantum Metric’s out of the box “field pasted” algorithm automatically detects when a user repeatedly pastes a credit card number into a field before a purchase is made. It’s often a sign that a user is using stolen credit card numbers.

The team also uses Quantum Metric to monitor suspicious, high dollar transaction activity.

With Quantum Metric, the fraud team has a real-time dashboard to proactively monitor these specific behaviors as well as real-time alerts that integrate with the fraud team’s Slack channel.


Watch a 1-minute demo video of this use case:

Use Case Fraud Detection
Team Fraud
Industry Travel and hospitality

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