Quickly size the impact of survey complaints

After rolling out a new product called Trips, Alaska Airlines identified a usability issue that impacted its highest-value customers.


Immediately after its release, the airline began to get customer complaints through its customer surveys. Customers liked the aesthetic, but the layout didn’t account for frequent flyers who suddenly couldn’t see all their flights.

Previously, it would have taken days or weeks to understand the impact and then get the team aligned on its priority. With Quantum Metric’s one-click integration into Alaska Airline’s survey platform, the UX team could easily watch replays for all customers who had the same experience and then quantify the number of customers impacted and how much it cost the business.

Alaska Airlines was able to show its engineering team this data, along with survey feedback paired with replays, to gain immediate buy-in and get a fast resolution.


Watch a 2-minute demo video of this use case:

Use Case Prioritization, UX improvement
Team Customer Service, CX/VOC, Engineering, UX
Industry Travel and hospitality

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