Reduce mean time to identify and resolve e-commerce issues

A Fortune 500 auto replacement parts retailer, has seen its Mean Time To Identify (MTTI) go “from potentially never to hours.” The retailer has 50 active users across product, UI/UX, IT Dev, QA, and Analytics who have regular visibility into the customer experience.


Previously, customer issues came in through voice of customer surveys. But many issues couldn’t be replicated, so its IT team had to close tickets.

“We simply didn’t have the internal resources to keep digging; we had to keep the lights on,” said the leader of the Advertising, Ecommerce, and Digital Innovation teams.

He followed up by stating that “Quantum Metric was able to show me things that I’ve been struggling to surface for years.”


Watch a 5-minute demo video of this use case:

Use Case Reduce MTTI/MTTR
Team CX/VOC, Engineering, IT ops
Industry Retail

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