Why we built this: Quantum Metric Journeys.

August 10, 2021 By: Trevor Pyle

Quantum Metric Journeys is here.

Our new product introduces a fresh take on journey analytics, coupled with actionable insights on your customers’ chosen paths. Each feature in the Quantum Metric platform is designed to help brands truly understand customers to build more meaningful experiences. Journeys is no different, further empowering brands to develop a holistic understanding of how customers are moving through their digital products, and why they make certain choices.

Why build Journeys now? What can customers expect? And how far is this midnight train going to go?

We dug into these questions and more with Adam Dille, our SVP of Product and Engineering, to get a closer look at Quantum Metric Journeys. Check out the video below, or scroll down to read the highlights.


What is Quantum Metric Journeys?

Brands design web or mobile applications to drive customers to a specific conversion or end-points, such as a sale, account login, and other goals. However, there is not just one path customers take to reach a goal. With the boom in omnichannel experiences, customer journey mapping has only become more complex. In fact ,there are an infinite number of paths a customer can choose!

Journeys helps brands understand those customer paths. It aggregates the most common paths together to help brands identify how customers are navigating through a website or native application, and where they are finding value.

Brands are able to understand the journeys that impact their business the most – the good, the bad, and the in-between. In other words, it takes the guesswork out of understanding customer journeys.

Why we built this.

Other journey analytics products available today are visually pleasing, but the insights they provide are somewhat shallow and static. We built Quantum Metric Journeys to help brands understand the “why” behind customer paths and the steps they need to take in response – be it to fix a specific error or capitalize on a revenue opportunity.

Users were previously able to pull journey insights through Quantum Metric, but only as they related to set funnels. Journeys shows what happens when a customer deviates from a funnel. It allows brands to gain a broad view of how customers are moving through their digital products. Then, with autocapture, a rich set of out-of-the-box behavioral data and automated step analysis, they can quickly pivot, prioritize the most important business opportunities, and take action.

What customers will get excited about.

Our plug-in-play feature makes Journey analytics easy to use. It’s designed for everyone that cares about the digital experience, from UX to IT operations and every team in between. Built on the values of Continuous Product Design, Journeys makes it easier to share insights across an organization.

Brands, for instance, can use segment builder to refine journey analytics for key audiences, as well as build team-specific views to analyze what matters most to them. We think of it as a “choose your own adventure” approach.

We are just getting started.

Quantum Metric Journeys sits at the center of our platform, powered by our industry-leading rich data sets. This allows Journeys to easily integrate with other existing and future features. A great example is how Session Replay is embedded in Journeys so you can watch customer interactions at specific points down their path.

We’ll continue to expand on this, integrating Journeys with features such as ExperienceAI, our true machine learning engine. With the ability to automate the surfacing of the “why” behind a problem with ExperienceAI, Journeys users will look at a particular path and develop an immediate understanding of each unique audience segment.

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