Partnering with Quantum Metric
As a partner of Quantum Metric, you will enable your customers’ digital transformation goals with advanced digital experience analytics and progress your market position with the innovation and momentum of our technology. We offer the prime opportunity to get your foot in the door of Fortune 500 accounts and enable you to increase stickiness in current opportunities. Quantum Metric automatically identifies, prioritizes, and helps resolve digital experience issues to help increase conversions and improve customer happiness and loyalty.

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How We Can Help Your Customers

Increase Conversions
Improve Call Center Productivity
Increase Staff Productivity

What Makes Us Different

  • Focus on Revenue & Conversions - Quantum Metric identifies and prioritizes cx issues by financial impact so customers can understand how much digital roadblocks are costing them.
  • Simplicity & Ease of Use - Out of the box intuitive platform that can be used across teams and titles.
  • Immediate Value - Quantum pinpoints exact struggle areas within minutes of deployment.
  • Security & GDPR - Built with privacy as a foundation, the platform is GDPR compliant and securely captures, encrypts and stores data on the Google Cloud.