Let Atlas be your guide.

Navigate digital complexity with greater speed and efficiency, using pre-built guides from Atlas.

Atlas in action.

Watch the deminar to learn more about why we built Atlas and see a demo of a few different guides.

The world’s best brands use Quantum Metric.

Answer questions faster about your digital journeys.

Monitor and diagnose.

Discover and optimize.

Minimize revenue loss with alerts and anomaly detection.

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Quickly address issues and minimize abandonment with detailed session replay.

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Session replay viewer shows customer interactions with a retail website

Immediately capture and understand UX test results without leaving your site.

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Align teams and release products faster with data-backed design decisions.

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Our customer’s success is our success.

Danny Ryder
“Quantum Metric has helped lululemon systematically chip away at checkout errors, which has had a multi-tens of millions of dollars in revenue impact.”
Danny Ryder, Chief Digital Officer Watch the video

Checkout errors.

Time spent identifying issues.

Dylan Jacques
“One of the challenges with traditional analytics is that you have to prescribe what you want to measure. Often it's what you are not looking at that is what holds you back. That is where Quantum Metric’s machine learning has been a big game changer for us.”
Dylan Jacques, Technology Director Watch the video

Increase in conversions.


Improvement in page speed.

Michael Petermann
“Quantum Metric’s platform has given me the ability to quantify friction on the fly. In the past, this would have taken hours or longer.”
Michael Petermann, Managing Director

Organizational agility.

Hours spent on impact analysis.

Steven Teo
“Quantum Metric provides a single source of truth around our customers' experience. All stakeholders can easily see and understand the impact of a problem and agree on solutions. Using Quantum Metric has genuinely brought our technology and business teams closer together.”
Steven Teo, Head of Innovations and Digital Controls Read the story

Reduction in time to identify issues.

Time spent manually tagging.

One focus wins customers.

Founded on the collective advantage of speed, collaboration, and customer-centricity, the Continuous Product Design (CPD) methodology constantly assesses the value of product opportunities so you stop wasting time on the wrong ones and start prioritizing the right ones.

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People are at the heart of everything we do.

Just as with our product, people are the heartbeat of our organization. We’re entrepreneurs and experts, thought leaders and provokers. We’re mentors, makers, movers, shakers and teammates. But most importantly of all, we’re human.

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