Do you know how much online customer struggle costs you?
Imagine your predictive analytics platform simply told you where to reclaim lost revenue by pinpointing the financial impact of your frustrated customers. That's why we built Quantum Metric.
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What Quantum can tell you about your online business will Increase conversions, Grow Brand Loyalty, and Capture Maximum Value from EVERY transaction.
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Guess what? Stop Guessing.

Quantum Metric uncovers insights to why visitors struggle on your website and apps, unlocking actionable opportunities to impact engagement and recover lost revenue.

You no longer need to rely on an army of digital analysts to pinpoint where your customers are struggling. Quantum Metric helps you identify and quantify your largest improvement opportunities.

From big data to big money using Machine Intelligence. Within a day, Quantum Metric will begin identifying and quantifying where you can improve your digital customer experience.

Fast. Results. Effortlessly.

Customer support is the last line of defense,
not the first.

Don't wait for your call center to be overwhelmed or social media saturated. Get relevant and statistically significant changes to your business so you can make a difference and recover from new user struggle issues.

Filter the noise. Prioritize improvements.

Get Useful Data Without Being A Data Scientist

Quantum Metric automatically identifies standard business processes. With built-in strategies to discover shopping carts, checkout, funnels, registration, forms, and more, Quantum Metric captures terabytes of user traffic to deliver an incredibly clear and insightful view of your business, trends, and opportunities prioritized by their value to you.

Actionable Intelligence

No more hunting for information in a sea of data. Quantum Metric augments the work of a data analyst, presenting opportunities that affect your bottom line.

Funnel DNA

Quantum Metric's patent-pending Funnel DNA analyzes your digital conversion funnel using many real-time queries via Google BigQuery to answer questions on and help identify statistically significant issues affecting your business. Know why customers aren't converting - without all the setup and analysis.

KPIs and Grades

Dashboards that inform you about your business at a glance, complete with Customer Experience, KPIs, and sales info so that you can be confident your online presence is working efficiently.

100% Fidelity in Session Replay

Quantum Metric's session replay is the most advanced replay engine.
You'll be able to view a session exactly how your customer experienced it.

A scientific instrument for the web, session replay enables visual access to and control of fine grained detail on every dynamic content change and user interaction.

Visualize Customer Behavior

Resolve conversion obstacles quickly by seeing exactly what your customers experienced.

More Conversions, Loyalty, & Retention

Quantum Metric automatically determines your customer's value, allowing you to prioritize your customer experience improvements.

Quickly Analyze Findings

Deployment is fast and simple, with self-tuning analytics that adapt on the fly through machine intelligence.

Security & Privacy By Design / By Default

With organizations facing hundreds of millions in fines, the EU's General Data Protection Legislation (GDPR) has had the exact impact as intended:

Enterprises must ensure their customer data is kept private, protected, and secure.

Quantum Metric is the first in digital experience analytics to pseudoynmize data, a practice encouraged directly within the GDPR. In doing so, Quantum Metric can both offer insights on aggregate anonymous data, yet still provide accurate information in cases such as fraud. A dedicated decryption server protects and audits all access to ensure GDPR compliance. Quantum Metric uses a 2048 RSA asymmetric key and generates a unique 256 symmetric key for each browser session, keeping perfect forward secrecy intact.

Powerful Enterprise Analytics

Understand the what using easy-to-use analytics and the why using advanced session replay

Using Google BigQuery, Quantum Metric queries across petabytes of data in seconds to get you answers. Want to know users who had a problem Monday and still didn't convert by Thursday? No Problem.

Easy Integrations for your Enterprise

Google Cloud Platform
Adobe Analytics
Opinion Lab
Adobe Target

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