Optimizely Digital Experience Platform.

With Optimizely and Quantum Metric, you can run experiments, gather insights, and continuously improve experiences across all applications, enabling better hypothesis development and gathering quicker, more comprehensive feedback through feature flag deployment, empowering real-time decision-making.

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Drive experimentation alignment with Optimizely and Quantum Metric.


Optimize Points of Friction in the User Experience with Quantum Metric and Optimizely. This integration makes use of Quantum Metric’s API, QM feeds Optimizely ODP with behavioral data like rage clicks, frustration, views, bounce rates, conversion rates, and poor website experience.

Build a culture of customer-centric experimentation while increasing testing velocity and accuracy.

Where do I test? And why did a test win?

Our integration is simple and powerful, Quantum Metric provides enhanced insights and Optimizely acts on them. Optimizely can deploy or suppress experiments based on Quantum Metric’s real-time understanding of a customer’s engagement and frustration.

Leverage Quantum Metric to support Optimizely testing.

Data-driven ideation
Quantum auto surfaces opportunities for what to test next with quantified dollar value opportunities.

Real-time action
Deploy or suppress experiments and feature flags based on Quantum Metric’s real-time understanding of a customer’s engagement or frustration.

Experimentation insights
Go beyond which test won to WHY the test won. Uncover bias in experiments such as performance issues or errors that influence test outcomes.

“Trying new tools, like Quantum Metric and Optimizely, has enabled us to actually push boundaries in ways that we didn’t think were possible in the pharma industry.”

Director of Customer Profiles/Leading Pharmaceutical Company


Use Quantum Metric + Optimizely to turn broken experiences into beautiful experiences.

Segment by behavior

Quantum Metric’s behavioral data feeds Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) to segment visitors based on their behavior, enabling targeted re-engagement efforts such as email campaigns or voucher code offers.

Refine drop-off insights

Within ODP you will find precise insights on customer drop-off points, allowing businesses to understand where and why customers leave the website, and even target specific segments, like mobile browsers converting on desktop, with optimized content.

Gain real-time understanding

Real-time data and insights from Quantum Metric flowing into ODP help comprehend customer behavior and pinpoint areas for improvement, and with Optimizely Experimentation, conduct A/B and multivariate tests effortlessly to optimize websites and apps.

See Quantum Metric in action.