Analytics Teams

Leverage the most robust set of customer-centric data on the market, eliminate data silos, facilitate quantified decision making, and become a strategic enabler in your organization. 

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Answering a question shouldn't require multiple datasets

The amount of data isn’t decreasing, but the ability to make sense of the data is. Quantum Metric helps organizations learn faster with unique data set that’s fast, quantified, and based on what really matters – what customers actually experience. 

Let the machines do the work

Automatically surface opportunities and anomalies that warrant further investigation. Measure this anomaly against your entire population and see an estimated business impact; assessing severity in seconds. Reduce manual work and increase agility. 

With its real-time data, Quantum Metric gives us the ability to make decisions that have an immediate and direct impact on revenue.

-Ishan Parikh | AVP of Digital Strategy & Analytics, Canadian Tire

Bring your customer to the table

Ever been in a meeting where leaders are talking about the same problems but it seems like everyone is speaking a different language? This is what happens when everyone has their own view of the customer based on data that is abstracted away from their actual behavior. Quantum Metric captures first-party customer interaction data and third-party integrations to create a view for every team in the organization.

Internally, we have too much data coming at us from different places that provides only a sliver of insights into user experience. We have too many tools and too many disparate points of data and it's really hard to pull it together quickly. We were more of a reactive shop. That's why we invested in Quantum Metric. We needed to glue things together to become more proactive.

-Analytics Leader | Top Five Insurance Company

How do analytics leaders use Quantum Metric?

Flexible and versatile data visualizations

Use out of the box or create custom dashboards based off of a rich data set of behavioral, technical and business data. Flexible data visualizations for every aspect of the customer experience.

Out of the box integrations

Integrations with VoC, APM, marketing analytics, incident management and internal tools ensures that Quantum Metric gives your team the entire view.

Team based segmentation

Quantum Metric Teams enables our enterprise customers to set up permission-based roles and teams, apply global filters based on segments and create role specific dashboards/views.

How The Platform Works

Analytics teams use Quantum Metric to answer business questions:

  • How can I quantify the impact of a single issue in our curbside pickup flow? 
  • How can I proactively identify opportunities in our checkout funnel?

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  • How can I understand aggregate customer behavior in our cable upgrade flow?  
  • How can I enable our customer service reps to reduce average handle time?

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Financial Services
  • How can I automatically track the new account overview experience?
  • How do we assess the impact of new features like a phone verification step?

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