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1. Booking flow.

You think you’ve won the customer’s confidence once they’ve started entering their traveler information or choosing a seat on the plane. But then, a slow and clunky booking process delays their decision before they can hit the purchase button and take flight.

The booking flow guide identifies the key metrics and which factors have the highest business impact, enabling airlines to build the smoothest online booking experience. Examine every step of the booking funnel to see trends over time, monitor revenue-based conversion events, login success by device, and identify friction points keeping customers from traveling with your airline.


  • Booking conversion rate
  • Booking revenue
  • Booking flow sessions
  • Number of applications started


3. Check-in flow.

It’s time for the customer to check-in for their flight. But when the app won’t load or the check-in screen doesn’t appear, they have to seek out a desk agent to print a paper ticket.

The check-in flow guide examines every step of the check-in funnel to see trends over time, monitor continuation rates across the check-in flow, and identify friction points preventing customers from checking in successfully.


  • Check-in success rate
  • Check-in sessions

4. Change flight.

Flight changes can occur due to personal preferences, emergencies, weather, and more. So when a customer clicks change flights but hits friction like a slow loading page or dead end, they are pushed to call reservations for support.

Customers demand more flexibility to change plans anytime, but many teams are missing real-time expertise to understand customer behavior. The change flight guide helps you examine every step of the funnel to see trends over time, monitor step conversion rates across the funnel, and identify friction points preventing customers from changing flights successfully.


  • Change flight conversion rate
  • Change flight sessions
  • Change flight attempt rate

5. Account fraud.

Your revenue team notices an uptick in fraudulent credit card transactions on the website, but they’re unable to pinpoint the root cause. Fraudulent transactions not only impact revenue, but can negatively affect your customers and financial partners. 

The account fraud guide includes powerful automation to combat savvy scammers. Reclaim millions by automatically detecting suspicious user behavior, such as repeated cut and pasting of credit card numbers, multiple login attempts, and changes in account lockout rates.


  • Number of sessions
  • Unique visitors
  • Account lockouts