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Surface digital frictions, size the revenue impact of issues, and gain immediate visibility into key aspects like top funnels, homepage navigation, and search.


Quickly identify technical issues with out-of-the-box anomaly detection, resolve aggregate and isolated issues, and gain efficiency by easily identifying priorities.


Enable business users to self-serve insights, understand the why behind friction, and measure the impact of releases without manual tagging.

Our top cross-industry guides.

1. Landing pages.

Landing pages are the key to capturing new customers on your website. Whether from ad campaigns or from direct promotions, landing page performance is key in growing your business and validating dollars spent. But what happens to your ROI if customers find friction on your landing page?

This guide tracks and identifies the performance of landing pages, highlighting any potential issues that could hurt customer engagement. From tracking specific errors to segmenting behavior by device type or campaign source, this guide helps monitor signs of customer abandonment and identifying, if, where, and why issues are occurring. 


  • Bounce rate
  • Sessions
  • Conversion rate

2. Account login.

Logging into an account is the linchpin to a great digital experience for many industries. If a customer is running into friction, they will go to non-digital channels or abandon all together. A seamless login experience is key. 

The account login guide gives you a quick pulse of how your login flow is performing. First by answering the key question of, are customers even making it to the login page. Then from there, what is happening? Are they experiencing friction or success and why? 


  • Login page sessions
  • % of successful logins
  • Login redirects to password reset

4. Funnel analysis.

Funnels are often the main way you start a relationship with a customer. From account creation, to checkout or purchasing a ticket a funnel is a complex and critical part of any digital experience. A great funnel experience is one you hardly notice. It’s frictionless and painless. However, as all digital leaders know, achieving a frictionless experience feels like a constant battle, especially when you throw in new releases, browser updates, and marketing campaigns.

So, how do you stay on top of the dozens of issues that can be present at any time? We’ve worked with hundreds of digital leaders to craft the ideal solution to understanding and optimizing your key funnels. 


  • Funnel conversion rate
  • Funnel sessions
  • Funnel session percentage

5. Site navigation.

You and your team spend a lot of time thinking about the customer journey and the way it manifests digitally. Your homepage is often the starting point for a lot of these key journeys. Are your customers doing what you expect them to do? What aspects of the homepage are driving value? Which aspects are introducing unnecessary friction? 

This guide helps you quickly break down customer engagement with your navigation experience. 


  • Sessions engaging with navigation
  • Conversion rate
  • Interaction rate

6. Help pages.

Your help pages are often where customers start their engagement when they are having trouble completing their digital journey or experiencing friction. An influx of traffic into your help pages is probably a sign of something under the radar impacting your customers. Knowing what is driving engagement with help pages is key to creating a frictionless digital experience. 

The help pages guide provides insight into the number of customers viewing support articles, any errors driving customers to help pages, and specific frictions within the help pages themselves.


  • Help page contact us rate
  • Visits to help pages
  • Rate of sessions visiting the help pages