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1. Home page.

Everything begins on your home page. So when gamers or online gamblers face an issue on the home page, it can block them from learning more, enrolling, placing a bet, or generally moving forward with their experience.

With the home page guide, you can track the effectiveness of capturing new customers or how well you are facilitating gamers in their journey.


  • Bounce rate
  • Sessions
  • Conversion rate

2. Make first deposit.

The first deposit is a critical step in establishing customer trust and loyalty— which is why it needs to be smooth and easy. But the first deposit can be a complex workflow, including customer identity validation, connecting funding sources, and verifying transfer success.

Understand where your customers are dropping off, from initial registration through to making that critical first deposit. Identify any friction point at each step, where there are any technical issues as well as any unexpected detractors to completing the flow quickly and easily.


  • First deposit completion rate
  • Session rate
  • Number of sessions

3. Place first bet.

The first time a customer places a bet on your site, it’s a big rush. Will the gamble pay off in a big way? But if they cannot place a bet in the first place, that rush is pushed to a bet with another operator.

This guide tracks the process of customers placing their first bet, from start to finish, tracking success and potential issues in the workflow, highlighting any areas to focus to optimize the customer experience.


  • First Bet Placed after First Time Deposit
  • First Bet New Account Session Rate
  • First Time Bet Placed

4. Deposit funds.

In order to continue to deposit funds, the customer needs to trust that their funds are transferred into secure accounts successfully and safely. Any issues or errors in the deposit funds workflow could lead to distrust, and in turn tarnish their view of your business.

The deposit funds guide tracks the workflow of customers depositing funds into their account. If issues occur, the guide will drill down into the answers that solve where, when, and why problems are happening, so you can quickly get back to giving your customers an optimal experience.



  • Deposit Success Rate
  • Deposit Attempt Sessions

5. Multi-bets / parlay bets.

Being able to place multiple bets at once, or even connecting those bets together in a parlay, is a popular part of online gambling—but also complex.

With this guide, you will know about any issues in multi-bets and parlay bets quickly, so you can proactively make improvements and smooth out frictions. By asking the right questions about the experience, the guide directs you to opportunities for improvement, leading to a better customer experience.



  • Completion rate
  • Sessions
  • Session rate