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Healthcare guides.

Surface patient insights faster with an accelerated path to answering your most critical questions, built into the platform.

What is in a healthcare guide?

Automated KPI tracking for key parts of the healthcare experience.

Structured approach to answering what, when, where, and why.

Out-of-the-box dashboards and built-in anomaly detection and alerting.

The digital healthcare journey.


Find a Plan
Browse Plans
Plan Comparison
Enrollment Flow

Medical services

Find a Provider
Find a Prescription
Claim Submissions
Appeals & Disputes


Communications (Messages & Notes)
Doctor Performance Management
Patient Lookup
Manage Patients
Ordering Prescriptions / Trials

Visit management

Manage Appointments
Telehealth Appointment Scheduling
In-Person Appointment Scheduling
Testing Appointment
Visits Overview
Appointment History
Test Results

Prescription management

Prescription Fulfillment
Prescription Search
Prescription Refill
Transfer Prescription
Pharmacy Locator
Specialty Prescription Fulfillment
Mail Order Prescription Fulfillment


Coupon / Rebates / Copay
Pharmacy Locator
Lead Gen
Drug Search
Campaign Lift / Incrementally
Campaign Margin

Account management

Account / Loyalty Creation
Content (Provider vs. Patient)
Sign In Process
Password Reset
Account Management
Manage Patients
Bill Pay
PDF Downloads

Help and care

Contact Center Lookup
Help Pages
Contact Us

Outcomes across teams.

Product / UX

Surface behavioral or design blockers, gain immediate visibility into and optimize patient journeys like insurance enrollment and prescription management.


Quickly identify technical issues with out-of-the-box anomaly detection, rapidly resolve aggregate and isolated issues, and gain efficiency by easily identifying priorities.


Enable business users to self-serve insights. Understand the why behind friction, and measure the impact of releases without manual tagging.

Our top healthcare guides.

Prescription fulfillment.

Patients expect to easily manage their prescriptions so they remain organized and, most importantly, time sensitive. Whether via desktop or a mobile device, it is critical that the experience be smooth.

This guide helps you to understand in real-time any frustrations patients may be experiencing when fulfilling their prescriptions digitally. Get visibility into the fulfillment success rate as well as the total number of prescription fulfillment sessions and highlight any issues patients could be facing.


  • Prescription fulfillment success rate
  • Number of prescription fulfillment sessions

Account creation.

Verifying a patient’s identity online during account setup should take, at most, a few seconds. But sometimes, an error creates a snag in the process leaving the patient rage-clicking.

Gain understanding into how patients move through the account setup process with the account creation guide. Easily track successful account creation, monitor key steps of the funnel (new usernames, identity verification, etc), and surface anomalies in account creation behavior.


  • Account creation success rate
  • Account creation page sessions

Patient login.

One of the first areas of friction for patients is the experience of logging into their provider portal. If a patient can’t access their health records online, for whatever reason, they will call support.

This guide helps you to understand what is leading to login frustration, so you can address the problem—before there is a spike in call volume. Monitor overall login success rate, total login sessions, and the number of redirects to the password reset page.


  • % Successful logins
  • Login page sessions

Visit management & scheduling.

When a patient is able to conveniently self-schedule appointments online, not only does their satisfaction increase but it also reduces the time the practice has to spend booking hundreds of appointments over the phone. But if a patient cannot load available times or confirm an appointment digitally, they will flood the reception line—resulting in a vicious cycle of longer wait times and increased frustration.

The visit management & scheduling guide will enable you to monitor scheduling success rate and total appointment scheduling sessions to ensure patient self-service remains accessible.


  • Appointment scheduling success rate
  • Number of appointment scheduling sessions