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Automatically alert on friction within key funnels, easily size the revenue impact of issues, and gain immediate visibility into experiences like hotel booking or check-in.


Enable business stakeholders to self-serve insights. Understand the why behind friction, and measure the impact of releases without manual tagging.


Quickly identify technical issues with out-of-the-box anomaly detection, gain real-time monitoring of the front end experience, and prioritize the backlog based on impact.

Our top hotel guides.

1. Booking widget.

Finding a hotel is the first priority for guests entering on your hotel’s website or app. But how do you ensure location suggestions are fast and relevant? Did misspelling yield unexpected results? Does “Find Nearby Hotels” work on mobile?

With the booking widget guide, you can examine key factors impacting booking widget conversion rate, including where users click on the widget, changes to check-in and check-out dates, and use points checkbox. Get the insights you need to focus on building a minimalistic and responsive booking widget experience.


  • Booking widget conversion rate
  • Booking widget rate sessions
  • Booking widget rate revenue

2. Search results.

Your guest has input their destination and reached a list of hotels. But they’re not continuing to view hotel details and room rates…why? Were they rate shopping, or did they face some type of friction (i.e. no available hotels near their event)?

Examine key factors impacting hotel search results, including locations with no availability, amenity filters and sort options. Get the insights you need to build a seamless search results experience.


  • Search continuation %
  • Search results
  • Search % of total sessions

3. Booking flow.

You may think you’ve hit the finish line when a guest has selected a hotel, rate, and room type. But then, a slow and clunky guest info page delays their decision before they can hit the “Book Now” button.


The booking flow guide identifies which factors have the highest business impact, enabling hotels to build the smoothest online booking experience. Examine every step of the hotel booking funnel to see trends over time, monitor revenue-based conversion events, login success by device, and identify any errors or friction points keeping customers from booking your property.


  • Conversion rate
  • Revenue
  • Booking sessions

4. Property details page.

The property details page can be your first chance to impress SEO-driven customers. But when the hotel feature image fails to load or the “Check Availability” button disappears, they then hit the back button to look for a different hotel.

This guide examines key trends around PDP, such as bounce rates, room search rates and top referrers. It identifies key factors impacting room search rates, such as elements clicked on the property search widget, scroll depth, errors, API timeouts and rage clicks. 


  • Search room rate
  • Property details page views
  • Bounce rate


5. Loyalty enrollment.

Maybe your new guest wants to score some perks, get access to member-only rates, or earn enough points for a big vacation. But after entering all their info to join the loyalty program, they are taken to a 1-800 page to contact support.

Guests expect a seamless enrollment process, but sometimes there are too many form fields or inline enrollment during booking is clunky. The loyalty enrollment guide helps you examine factors influencing enrollment, such as changes in Referrer Type, where users are clicking on the form, what errors they’re seeing and median API response times.


  • Enrollment completion rate
  • Enrollment sessions
  • Enrollment bounce rate