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1. Quote request/delivery.

When shopping for insurance, one of the most important factors for customers is cost. Meaning they need a seamless process to get a quote as quickly as possible. And if they run into any problems, they will have no problem leaving and requesting a quote somewhere else.

This guide tracks the quote request process to make sure customers can easily provide all of the necessary information to get a quote. Monitor trends and changes in the completion rate for requesting quotes, observe changes by time period or device, and zero in on any problems caused by specific errors, page performance, or non-functioning page elements.


  • Auto quote completion rate
  • Lead creation from quote summary

2. Online registration.

When customers register online, their policies are more secure and they have the ease of online access to make policy updates—saving you expenses associated with fraud, call volume, and back office processing. But if a customer runs into friction during their online registration, they likely won’t finish setting it up.

This guide shows trends in the online registration flow, which steps customers complete, as well as any issues or frictions within the experience. The Online registration guide reveals if, where, and why customers are dropping out of the registration process to help quickly identify any problems impacting customers.


  • Successful account creation rate
  • Account creation sessions
  • Account creation percentage of total sessions

3. Initial premium payment.

Making the first premium payment is the step that transitions a prospect into a customer. Monitoring this process is an absolute must so your teams can surface any issues that may arise.

This guide shows any changes in initial premium payment trends. It monitors each step of the process and shows if any step has problems due to specific errors, page performance or page issues.


  • Initial premium payment completion rate
  • Initial premium payment error rate
  • Initial premium payment completion sessions

4. AutoPay enrollment.

When it comes to recurring payments, auto-pay is the best way to ensure payments get made on time. But what happens when something disrupts the setup process? Customers go back to single payments, which increases the risk that they will default in the future. To help prevent this, you need to be able to monitor auto-pay so that any issues customers may have in the process are surfaced quickly. 

With this guide, you’ll be able to identify any changes to customers enrolling in auto-pay and see any steps in the process where customers are having issues. The guide then indicates if those issues may be due to specific errors, page performance, or broken buttons causing rage clicks and other drivers of customer frustration. 


  • AutoPay enrollment rate
  • Percent of sessions saving payment
  • Sessions starting auto pay

5. Report a claim.

Customers buy insurance so that if something happens, they can recoup any losses. So, the ability to report a claim quickly and easily is one of the most important experiences an insurance company can deliver. 

This guide shows the success rate of customers who start the report claim form, which steps they complete, as well as any issues that may occur within the experience. Additionally, the guide reveals where customers are abandoning the experience and why, with factors like errors, page performance, or unresponsive buttons resulting in rage clicks.


  • Claim form completion rate
  • Report claim form starts
  • Percent of claims page sessions starting new claim