Retail guides.

Surface shopper insights faster with an accelerated path to answering your most critical questions, built into the platform.

What is in a retail guide?

Automated KPI tracking for key parts of the retail journey.

Structured approach to answering what, when, where, and why.

Out-of-the-box dashboards and built-in anomaly detection and alerting.

The digital retail journey.

Product discovery

Home Page
Product Category Pages (PCP)
Product Listing Pages (PLP)
Product Details Pages (PDP)
Landing Pages
Site / App Navigation
Feature Engagement (i.e. Size Guide)


404 Pages
Product Placement / Location
Out of Stock (PDP)
Out of Stock (Cart)
Content Engagement
Product Performance
Product Reviews
Preorder & Backorder Products


Checkout / Purchase Flow
Cart Page
Shipping Page & Shipping Types
Payment Page & Payment Methods
Confirmation Page
Product Upsells
Membership / Subscription Purchase
Redeeming Rewards


Order Tracking
Same Day Delivery
Ship to Home (STH)
Ship to Store (STS)

Account management & loyalty

Account Creation
Sign In Process
Password Reset
Account Management
Manage Rewards
Order Tracking / Lookup

Help, care, & fraud

Contact Center Lookup
Help Pages
Contact Us
Account Fraud
Revenue Fraud

Outcomes across teams.


Automatically alert on friction within key funnels, easily size the revenue impact of issues, and gain immediate visibility into programs like BOPIS, promos, and more.


Quickly identify technical issues with out-of-the-box anomaly detection, gain real-time monitoring of the front end experience, and prioritize the backlog based on impact.


Enable business users to self-serve insights, understand the why behind friction, and measure the impact of releases without manual tagging.

Our top retail guides.

1. Checkout funnel.

The checkout funnel is the heartbeat of any ecommerce business. A great checkout experience is one a customer hardly notices. But how do you stay on top of the many issues that can arise from new releases, browser updates, and marketing campaigns?

This checkout funnel optimization guide helps you gain immediate visibility and surfaces anomalies (from needles in haystacks to huge issues) impacting your customers as they attempt to checkout. Easily pinpoint friction impacting checkout completion, quickly and easily achieve a complete view of checkout performance, and increase revenue and team efficiency. 


  • Checkout page conversion rate
  • Checkout sessions
  • Checkout session percentage

3. Promo code success.

In the retail world, there’s nothing better than a good promo. As a key element to pricing strategy, promo codes entice loyal customers to make an unplanned purchase or attract new customers with a “deal.” However, what happens when your well-intentioned promo code goes awry?

With the promo code success guide, you’ll understand how promo code conversion rates trend over time – Are there spikes? Are there abnormal drops? You’ll also discover anomalies, issues or changes in customer behavior and be able to quickly find failed promo codes or errors impacting the customer experience (invalid code, coupon already used). Additionally, this guide looks at how customers engage with the redemption button and when and if issues arise with it. 


  • Promo code conversion rate
  • Revenue generated from promo codes
  • Sessions utilizing promo codes

4. 404 pages / pages not found.

The dreaded 404. Sure you can make a 404 look fun and cute, but depending on the frequency and scale it can signal a much bigger problem. Unfortunately, figuring that out can be time consuming.

The 404 pages/pages not found guide enables retailers to size the problem of customers hitting 404 pages and determine the root cause lightning fast. This guide highlights trends and variances associated with 404 pages during specific time periods, and  provides enhanced details on marketing campaigns that may be impacting bounce rates and conversion.


  • Sessions visiting 404 pages
  • Percentage of sessions visiting 404 pages
  • Bounce rate for sessions visiting 404 pages

5. Product placement.

Location, location, location—where you place your product on your page can impact conversion and even overall shopper behavior.

The Product Placement Guide answers how product placement impacts your KPIs. Analyze conversion rate by product category and determine the trends and differences between categories. Plus, explore how far customers will scroll down the page before clicking a product and compare differences in shopper engagement based on product category.


  • Category page conversion rate
  • Avg category page max scroll %
  • Avg max rows on category pages