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Outcomes across teams.


Automatically alert on friction within key funnels, easily size the revenue impact of issues, and gain immediate visibility into journeys like service upgrades, bundles, and more.


Quickly identify technical issues with out-of-the-box anomaly detection, gain real-time monitoring of the front end experience, and prioritize the backlog based on impact.


Surface behavioral or design issues, optimize conversions on experiences like billing or device support, and scale user research through segmented session replay.

Our top telco guides.

1. Cart page.

Here’s an all too common scenario: A customer wants to buy a new phone and wireless service online to avoid an extra trip to the store, but a glitch keeps them from accessing the cart page and going to check out. Frustrated, they then have to chat with customer support. 

The digital expertise found in the cart page guide can help you avoid common errors like this. You’ll see cart trends over time and any cart page errors standing between the customer and checkout. 


  • Cart continuation rate
  • Cart page sessions
  • Cart page revenue

2. Customization page.

You know a customer is enjoying their TV service when they plan to upgrade and add premium channels to their lineup. But, what they don’t enjoy is an error on the customization page that pushes them to contact support for help. 

What happened? Are there specific elements on the services page or elsewhere impacting the checkout funnel? You’ll find the keys to perfecting the premium customer experience inside the customization page guide. See trends over time, monitor step conversion, and identify any friction points preventing customers from reaching the customization page successfully.


  • Services page to cart page continuation rate
  • Sessions on the services page

3. Checkout funnel.

When your customer is ready to purchase a new service, they expect the checkout process to be like their internet connection—fast and seamless.  

The checkout funnel guide helps you detect errors before the customer drops off. You’ll gain visibility into conversion rate trends, understand how customers move across the funnel, and catch anomalies disrupting the checkout process.  


  • Checkout conversion rate
  • Checkout sessions
  • Checkout session percentage

4. Account creation.

Verifying a customer’s identity online during account setup should take, at most, a few seconds. But sometimes, an error creates a snag in the process, leaving the customer rage-clicking. 

Dial in to understand how customers move through the account setup process with the account creation guide. Easily track successful account creation, monitor key steps of the funnel (new usernames, identity verification, payment information, etc.), and surface anomalies in account creation behavior.


  • Account creation success rate
  • Account creation page sessions

5. Billing/payment information.

For a new satellite service customer or one just updating information, nothing is more frustrating than getting an error during the last step of the checkout process—especially when they’re trying to save their payment and billing information, and it’s unclear if the mistake is on the service provider’s end or theirs.

Understand your digital billing process inside-out with the billing/payment information guide. As more customers opt to make payments online, you can watch payment trends over time, dive deep into payment type conversions, and catch friction points preventing customers from updating their payment information.


  • Payment step continuation rate
  • Payment step conversion rate