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Wealth management guides.

Surface client insights faster with an accelerated path to answering your most critical questions, built into the platform.

What is in a wealth management guide?

Automated KPI tracking for key parts of the wealth management experience.

Structured approach to answering what, when, where, and why.

Out-of-the-box dashboards and built-in anomaly detection and alerting.

The digital wealth management journey.

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Product / UX

Surface behavioral or design impediments, gain immediate visibility into and optimize customer journeys like new account opening or planning and guidance.


Quickly identify technical issues with out-of-the-box anomaly detection, rapidly resolve aggregate and isolated issues, and gain efficiency by easily identifying priorities.


Enable business users to self-serve insights. Understand the why behind friction, and measure the impact of releases without manual tagging.

Our top wealth management guides.

1. Open a personal retirement account.

When a customer opens a retirement account online, there are multiple steps that they need to complete. What if they get stuck entering personal information? Or are unable to indicate their risk tolerance? Why?

The personal retirement account opening guide will help you pinpoint the reason behind any dropoff and where you need to focus to address it. Monitor trends across time periods and device type (mobile, tablet, or desktop), discover where customers are abandoning, and identify the root causes behind errors or frictions in the experience. 


  • Retirement account conversion rate
  • Retirement account sessions

2. Managed money.

More customers are opting for the simplicity of leveraging managed money solutions to keep their investments on track. But along with that simplicity is the complexity of ensuring they are assigned the appropriate portfolios when signing up for these accounts.

The managed money guide helps you to understand whether your customers are able to successfully provide the information needed to determine the appropriate portfolio for them—and, more importantly, if they’re not. This guide highlights how many customers are unable to complete the application process, trends across time periods, and associated technical errors, performance issues, or UX/UI frictions within the app.


  • Managed Money Account Creation Rate
  • Managed Money Account Create Sessions
  • Percentage Sessions Starting Portfolio Recommendation Questionnaire

3. Account summary and details.

The most commonly viewed page after login is the account summary and details page. Customers need a quick status update of their accounts and funds—and any friction here can result in a call.

As one of the most trafficked pages, it’s critical that issues be identified and fixed as quickly as possible. This guide helps you analyze the account summary and details page to discover engagement time trends, errors in the customer experience, interactions with the dashboard, and page performance issues. 


  • Median engagement time
  • Account dashboard hits
  • Account dashboard exit rate

4. Customer login.

One of the first areas of friction for loyal customers is the experience of logging into their online account. If a customer can’t access their accounts online, for whatever reason, they will call support.

This guide helps you to understand what is leading to login frustration, so you can address the problem—before there is a spike in call volume. Monitor overall login success rate, total login sessions, and the number of redirects to the password reset page.


  • % Successful logins
  • Login page sessions
  • Login redirects to reset password