Big data means big insights

Knowing the right questions can lead to great answers. But who has the time to do their job and be a 24/7 data scientist?

Quantum Metric uses machine intelligence to ask the important, relevant business questions, like "How does this customer struggle affect my bottom line?"

It's not just about pretty charts

Everyone likes neatly presented charts, graphs, and funnels. But as business leaders, operations staff, and marketing users, we need data to have meaning, to tell us what we can improve to maximize value.

Prioritize improvements by value

Actionable intelligence from Quantum Metric employs machine intelligence to analyze 1000's of automatically and user-defined segments.

Using the results, Quantum Metric identifies where your digital presence may be underperforming or users are struggling. Where available, segments are assigned a dollar dollar value, so you can be sure you are making the right decisions for your bottom line.

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Stay ahead with predictive analysis

If your analytics software doesn't let you walk away with
"So that's how I can improve my business", it's not working.

Filter the noise. Prioritize improvements.

Increase conversions, loyalty, and retention

Quantum Metric automatically identifies where you can improve conversions, by analyzing, for example, where customers are falling out of funnels, struggling with forms, affected by your site performance, or where content is engaging but not being reached due to site layout. Quantum Metric helps ensure your site is optimized for maximizing value to your customers.

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Automatic segmentation

Most CXM and analytics offerings offer the ability to create custom customer segments. Quantum Metric does that too. You can slice and dice segments until your eyes water. But we also believe you shouldn't have to. Quantum Metric employs machine intelligence to analyze your customers in thousands of different segments, looking for struggle and opportunities.

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Simple configuration, automatic analysis. It just works.