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Announcing the 2023 CPD Signal Award finalists.

January 12, 2023 By: Kyna Baker

The CPD Signal Awards are back! 

The CPD Signal Awards recognizes Quantum Metric customers for their outstanding achievements using Continuous Product Design, a methodology for aligning teams around the customer. These are the leaders on the ground every day, transforming the customer experience in an increasingly digital world. They set the standard for CPD success, and we want to celebrate them and the value they bring to their customers and organization by telling their story.

Finalists and winners will be recognized at Quantum LEAP ’23, through Quantum Metric channels, and in our community.

The 2023 CPD Signal Award finalists. 

We’re excited to announce this year’s finalists in four categories—CPD Leader, Customer Experience Leader, Proactive Discovery Leader, and Quantified Empathy Leader. 

CPD Leader

This leader not only practices CPD every day but champions it within their organization and encourages teammates to embrace CPD principles as they discover and share insights. 

  • Steven Skroce, CVS Health
  • Sandra Winger, Geico
  • Thea Dellas, M&T Bank

Customer Experience Leader

This leader uses CPD to orchestrate and optimize their customer’s experience. 

  • Stewart Hand, Aer Lingus
  • Jeff Phillips and Jon Perkins, American Medical Association

Proactive Discovery Leader

This leader doesn’t wait to hear about customer friction before finding a solution.

  • Moriah Greathouse, American Airlines
  • Doug Cadmus, Bass Pro shop
  • Alan Tsang, Skechers

Quantified Empathy Leader

This leader uses CPD principles to contextualize customer feedback and create a customer-centric culture.

  • Kate Kornfeind, CVS Health
  • Dillon Klien, DISH Network
  • Kristen Robinson, Bharathi Chandrabose, and Anveh Turel, The Home Depot

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