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Announcing the winners of the 2022 CPD Signal Awards.

February 10, 2022 By: Tom Arundel

Quantum Metric is pleased to announce the winners of the 2022 CPD Signal Awards. 

The CPD Signal awards celebrate Quantum Metric customers that have embraced Continuous Product Design, a methodology that brings confidence to agile and puts customer signals back into digital products. Our winners have leveraged Continuous Product Design to break down organizational silos, as well as healthily obsess around their customers. 

Take a moment to celebrate our winners in each category.

Customer-Centric Trailblazer Award.

Alli Rubin, Product Manager of Optimization at Fanduel, was awarded the Customer-Centric Trailblazer Award.

At Fanduel, Rubin has helped her team leverage the Quantum Metric platform to discover poor user journeys, pinpoint slow pages, and discover bugs. Quantum Metric has helped her build better experiences for Fanduel’s customers, especially during new launches or feature releases.

Alli Rubin receives her award live in Austin, Texas at LEAP.

According to Rubin, “one of the most rewarding feelings is seeing teams jump into Quantum Metric during crunch time of a new launch or a feature release.”

Morteza Moghaddam, Analytics Lead Manager at Vista, won the Customer-Centric Trailblazer award as well.

With Quantum Metric, Moghaddam has helped Vista develop deeper insights into user behaviors. Now, his team at Vista makes data-driven decisions that create serious customer value.  

Moghaddam told the CPD Signal Awards committee that “Quantum Metric acts like an extra member of our team to help us make data-driven decisions and deliver jaw-dropping customer value.”

Customer-Centric Leader Award.

Porsche Williams, Senior Manager of Online Customer Experience at Home Depot, has won the Customer-Centric Leader Award. 

Williams has embraced the Continuous Product Design methodology to improve digital products on both web and native apps. With Quantum Metric, Williams has helped identify friction in the “add to cart process.” The platform has helped align multiple teams around customer data, which has enabled the business to better prioritize their backlog. 

Customer-Centric Team Award.

Our first winner for the Customer-Centric Team Award goes to AT&T’s Consumer’s Center of Excellence Team: Audrey Dibrell, Maria Cielo Perez, Jim Bishop, and Paul Juarez.

Jim Bishop represented his team at the CPD Signal Awards.

As a cross-disciplinary product team, these four have embraced Continuous Product Design by incorporating Quantum Metric into agile sprints, strategic prioritization, and business KPIs. This team is leading the charge in changing AT&T’s culture. 

Our second winner for the Customer-Centric Team Award is the digital team at SeaWorld. 

We are pleased to honor Kou Raghavan (SVP Product Management), Brian Lamka (VP of Product), Ravikiran Rajagopal (Director for Product Website and Out-Of-Park Experiences), and Rohit Singal (Director of Product Analytics). This customer-obsessed team helped drive SeaWorld’s 2021 digital transformation, which has led to an overhaul in the company’s app and website experiences. 

Kou Raghaban received his team’s award live, with Quantum Metric’s Christine Tran in the background.

“We began a digital transformation in 2021 – hired a new team of customer-obsessed leaders, invested 100s of hours reading feedback and analyzing funnels, and launched features to overhaul our app and website experiences,” the SeaWorld team told the CPD Signal Awards committee. “Our customers love the improvements so far and it’s fantastic to be recognized by a partner like Quantum Metric who truly understands continuous product development.”

Customer-Centric Experience Award.

Our final award, the Customer Experience Award, goes to the Quality Strategy Team at BetVictor: Mimi Peters (Head of Quality Strategy), Maja Smith (Quality Analyst), and Mario Fu (Quality Analyst). 

This innovative team leverages Continuous Product Design to design and build a standout digital experience for one of Europe’s leading online gaming companies, with customers from over 150 different countries. 

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