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Celebrating the 2023 CPD Signal Award winners.

February 17, 2023 By: Kyna Baker

We’re thrilled to announce the winners of the 2023 CPD Signal Awards!

This is the time of year when we celebrate those Quantum Metric customers who went above and beyond to deliver best-in-class digital experiences leveraging Continuous Product Design, a methodology for aligning teams around the customer. 

So, without further ado, let’s give a round of applause for this year’s winners.  

The 2023 CPD Signal Award winners. 

The winners were chosen in four categories—CPD Leader, Customer Experience Leader, Proactive Discovery Leader, and Quantified Empathy Leader.

CPD Leader

Sandra (Wingert) Hunsberger, Experience Insights Manager at GEICO, practices CPD every day and champions it within her organization by spreading digital insights and building a culture of knowledge sharing.

Along with her small but mighty team of seven, Sandra manages a large power user community within GEICO that has achieved a faster way to operate, with alignment and customer empathy at heart thanks to her team’s relentless efforts.

Customer Experience Leader

Stewart Hand, Service Delivery Manager at Aer Lingus, leverages CPD to orchestrate and optimize the customer’s experience.

Embracing the CPD approach, Stewart has been pivotal in aligning teams across his organization to ensure they’re prioritizing the most impactful fixes first and continuously focused on delivering the best web and native app experience.

Proactive Discovery Leader

Moriah Greathouse, Product Analyst at American Airlines, doesn’t wait to hear about customer friction before finding a solution.

When she first came aboard in 2020, Moriah quickly learned how to identify issues, quantify them, and create events in no time. After moving to her current role as a Product Analyst, she’s made over 150 alerts for her product, along with many events and dashboards for the AA team to proactively monitor performance and understand the impact of their digital efforts. 

Quantified Empathy Leader

The Home Depot’s Online Customer Experience team, including Kristin Robinson, Bharathi Chandrabose, and Anveh Turel, leverages CPD principles to contextualize customer feedback and create a customer-centric culture.

Together, this team of three works across product, development, and site operations teams to ensure a seamless digital experience for their customers, from search to checkout. But they don’t stop listening after the customer completes their purchase—when they learned the customer’s delivery information wasn’t being updated, they worked with their partners to communicate accurate delivery status and tracking.

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