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Discover data-driven design with Vista.

April 13, 2022 By: Elissa Quinby

Here’s a look at the key results Vista achieved by using Quantum Metric.

  • Discovered that the design-your-own custom mask option had a 3x higher add-to-cart rate compared to all of the other flows, and as a result, Vista switched their page design to emphasize the DIY assets compared to all the other options.
  • Used session replay to uncover that small business owners were not clicking on a PayPal “Revision” link to modify their payment workflow which was causing a 44% decline in Page Views. Vista updated their UX to revise their PayPal workflows and their funnel drop rate improved 13%, and the number of customers who requested a revision improved from 2% to 15%.
  • Found that 50% of users did not move to the “Review” stage when implementing a PayPal checkout workflow. Vista improved the UX to accommodate all browsers and devices, and the resulting changes improved the conversion rate by 20%.

“Quantum Metric is really strong at finding opportunities and sizing them.”  – Morteza Moghaddam, former Analytics Lead at Vista (currently Sr Data Scientist at Apple)

Vista (formerly VistaPrint) is a Dutch global eCommerce company that helps create expertly designed, up-to-date custom marketing materials for small businesses. Think everything from business cards to T-shirts. In other words, Vista assists with creating the assortment of products that small businesses need to look and feel professional, prepared, and plugged in. 

design your own facemask offered by vistaprint

At Quantum Metric’s annual LEAP Conference, Morteza Moghaddam, Vista’s Analytics Lead Manager and Hasnene Goulam, Analytics Lead, gave a presentation on how implementing Quantum Metric helped Vista understand their customer needs when building and launching their custom facemask site.

For Vista, digital transformation “isn’t just a challenge. It’s an opportunity. And Vista is here to help small business owners OWN THE NOW.”

With Quantum Metric’s help, Vista has:

  • Improved the user experience of their design features and product pages
  • Increased important KPIs such as add-to-cart rate and click-through rate 
  • Found new and innovative ways to support small business owners 

Here’s how.

How Vista integrates Quantum Metric.

Vista’s main goal is to “become one of the most iconic data driven companies in the world.” 

Vista invests not only in its employees, but in the technology as a whole. The analysts at Vista have access to Quantum Metric, Looker, Google Analytics, and other important tools that help to identify opportunities and obtain insights. 

The goal? To improve services and products for their customers, mostly small business owners. 

For Vista, the analyst is at the center of this investigation for small businesses. Quantum Metric helps their analysts answer the “Why is this happening” question and keep track of changes in customer behavior. 

Improving the user experience on Vista’s face mask site.

Even though Vista plans to discontinue the service, the custom face mask site offered by Vista is a good example of how companies can leverage Quantum Metric when building and launching new or temporary products. 

Launched in 2020, the service allowed customers to design their own face mask, which helped fulfill the company’s mission to support communities impacted by COVID. 

Vista wanted to understand how customers were using the online mask design service, with a direct focus on improving the customer experience. 

With Quantum Metric and Google Analytics, Vista began to monitor customer interactions throughout the face mask site. With the help of Quantum Metric, Vista was able to track customer click-through rates in each flow. The digital team discovered that the design yourself option had a 3x higher add-to-cart rate compared to all of the other flows, and a 12x higher click-through rate than the professional designed options. 

designed how you want landing page by vistaprint

Due to the stronger performance in the DIY pathway, Vista switched their page design to emphasize the DIY assets compared to all the other options. They also added a “do you need help?” prompt if the customer’s interaction was stalled, which helped to reduce unnecessary friction. 

Improving Vista’s PayPal KPI’s and the overall user experience.

One of the most important improvements Vista made to the user experience, however, had to do with payments. 

The retailer allowed small businesses to modify their checkout pages with PayPal as a payment option. With Quantum Metric, Vista discovered a problem in the PayPal design workflow. Page views were down 44%, according to Quantum Metric.

Thanks to Quantum Metric’s session replay technology, Vista discovered that small business owners were not clicking on the “Revision” link to modify their payment workflow. Therefore, they were unaware that a revision process was available for the design. Vista quickly recognized that their end users – small business owners – didn’t realize that there was an option to improve their overall PayPal experience. 

vistaprint mobile transactions

Once Vista offered a UX showing this revision option, their funnel drop rate improved 13%, and the number of customers who requested a revision improved from 2% to 15%. 

PayPal studio analysis.

After addressing the initial PayPal workflow challenge, Vista discovered yet another opportunity to improve the workflow. 

Using Quantum Metric, Vista found that there was a critical gap for users. 50% of users did not move to the “Review” stage. 

the revision process on vistaprint

With this information in hand, Vista created a model to discover which events were predictive of not moving to the “Review” stage. In some cases, the customer was using a device where the “Review” link was not accessible. 

Based on this information, Vista improved the user experience to accommodate all browsers and devices. This also helped to decrease frustration rates for users who were not able to access this link. 

The changes improved the conversion rate by 20%.

“These changes were a huge win for customers and for Vista” – Morteza Moghaddam

Product list page. 

Through their PayPal product list page, Vista discovered an opportunity to improve product interactions by rearranging the way products were displayed. 

Using Quantum Metric, Vista discovered that over 30% of users didn’t scroll down on the product page. Vista quickly realized that the most sought out products were below the fold. After Vista moved it to the top of the page, they saw a significant lift in their associated metrics. 

Vista now considers Quantum Metric to be an important and vital member of the analytics team. They say the platform helps ensure that they are fulfilling their mission of becoming an “iconic data driven company.” 

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