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Forrester Study Finds $8.6M in Benefits with Quantum Metric

July 23, 2018 By: Zoe McCook

Enterprise companies and brands face immense pressure to deliver an exceptional digital customer experience to all visitors and users. With a myriad of tools and technologies in the market, it’s hard for organizations to discern which tools will truly make an impact to their revenue and bottom line. With Quantum Metric’s customer experience platform, business stakeholders can easily and automatically find customer struggle and quantify impact to enable operations and development teams to focus on areas of improvement that will make the largest revenue impact.  But we don’t want you to just take our word for it…

Forrester Findings

We want our customers to be confident in their decision to invest and deploy Quantum Metric by helping them understand how our technology truly can impact their business. So we commissioned a study by Forrester Consulting that examined the total economic impact and potential ROI of implementing our platform. Through customer interviews and financial analysis, the study concluded that Quantum Metric has the following financial outcome:

  • 376% return on investment
  • $8.6M in total value
  • Payback in under 3 months
  • Additional unquantified benefits like impact on brand loyalty

Customer Interviews

To quantify the complete value of Quantum Metric’s Customer Experience platform, Forrester interviewed four of our current customers in varying industries including retail ecommerce, financial services, media and entertainment, and travel and hospitality. These customers went into detail about the challenges experienced prior to deployment, including capturing user sessions, identifying user experience issues, documenting these issues and managing the complexity of using multiple tools to address each issue.

They also each outlined the benefits seen after deploying the platform and how they are using Quantum Metric to:

  • Identify user experience issues impacting key metrics such as conversion rate
  • Optimize websites for launch
  • Prioritize development schedules by revenue impact
  • Stop fraudulent transactions

Additionally, customers noted the ease of use and adoption of the technology—allowing teams and members across the business to gain access and insights into the user journey.

See for Yourself

Download and read the study or contact us to get a personalized evaluation of Quantum Metric for your business.


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