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Get to digital answers faster with Atlas and Visible

February 16, 2023 By: Adam Stewart

In 2022, we introduced Visible, which allows you to understand what’s impacting the customer’s experience in a single click on your website. As much as we love poring over data, Visible is great when you’re pressed for time and just need quick insights on the fly. 

But what if you could also troubleshoot on the fly and get to the root of an issue quickly without having to go elsewhere to find the answer?

Now you can, when you combine Visible with Atlas, our new solution that automatically identifies the data you need to build the best digital experience for your customers.

Let’s dig into what Atlas is and how you can use it with Visible to get digital answers, faster. 

What is Atlas?

One of the hardest questions for digital teams to answer nowadays is, “What do our customers need right now?” 

The problem isn’t a lack of data. Rather, the real issue is that we have too much data to analyze, and knowing what data points to pay attention to can be confusing. 

That’s why we built Atlas, a collection of guides that outline the critical questions you should be asking about your data in order to create the best digital experience for your customers. For each touchpoint along the customer flow, guides proactively surface, quantify, and monitor the primary KPIs and metrics. 

If an anomaly does occur, you’ll be notified and driven to a guide-specific alert, showing what happened, when, and why, removing any guesswork and enabling your team to focus on critical issues first. 

How to use Atlas and Visible together. 

Now that you’ve been introduced to Atlas, let’s see how it works with Visible. 

Say you’re browsing through your website and are curious about how customers respond to different touchpoints along the funnel. 

Using Visible, you could view site-level metrics, heatmaps, and top-engaged elements. If you spot something amiss and want to drill further into the details, you could go straight to the Quantum Metric platform for deeper analysis. 

But, by using Atlas and Visible together, you can dive right into the data to see potential anomalies, trends, and the segments of customers it’s been impacting, without leaving your website. 

The biggest benefit of using both at the same time is having guided, on-site analysis: Atlas provides the insight through handpicked guides, while Visible offers the entry point into that insight, showing the data in line with the site experience. 

And you don’t have to be a data expert in order to use it, enabling anyone on your team to get the answers they’re after, faster.  

Let’s look at another scenario. This time, you’re a digital retailer who’s gotten not-so-great customer feedback about your website’s search experience, and your team wants answers. 

To find out what’s happening, you open your Visible extension on the search results page, where the most relevant Atlas guides are displayed in the dropdown menu. (In this case, it’s the search results guide.)

You start going through the guide when—aha!—you spot a drop in the search results page’s conversion rate. 

After verifying the problem, you go to the Quantum Metric platform, where you’re shown all the potential factors impacting the search experience. From there, you pinpoint the problem and report to your team with answers and possible solutions. 

That’s how quickly you can use Atlas and Visible to solve problems on the fly, in the context of your website or app as your customers experience it.  

See Atlas in action. 

Ready to dive in? The Atlas library today includes many guides spanning banking, travel, retail, insurance, and telecommunications, where you can find one for your specific use case. You can also find more general guides for everyday use cases, regardless of industry. And more guides are on the way as we incorporate new findings into our library. Stay tuned!

Ready to learn how to get the most out of Atlas? Watch this live deminar to see a few guides in action. 

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