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More Important than Netflix? Day-to-day with Christian Kemsies, Seera Group.

July 2, 2021 By: Alex Lacey

Over the past two years Seera Group and Quantum Metric have achieved a lot together. VP of digital product Ronnie Varghese, once said that he was tempted to get his team some subscriptions to Netflix in the hope that they’d get to watch something other than their Quantum Metric dashboards.  Of course, this inspired us.  What does Ronnie’s team do that needs so much Quantum Metric time?

We took this opportunity with one of our favourite customers to find out what’s happening day-to-day within Seera Group.  Quantum Metric’s Mike Parfitt sat down with Christian Kemsies, digital product lead and QM power user at Seera Group to find out.  Check out their conversation below on being agile, breaking down silos and real-time integration for the Middle East’s biggest online travel agent. 

Want to learn more about how Seera Group is using Quantum Metric to enable customer first product development?   Check out Ronnie Varghese talking about it here.

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